Louis Brandsma is a self-taught wildlife artist who was born and raised in southern Alberta. He grew up on a farm, where he learned to love and appreciate the wildlife that surrounded him. Louis started painting in 1978, and has been exhibiting and selling his work since. Louisí art is now spreading throughout Canada and the United States.

          Louisí first paintings were influenced by the action and color found in the paintings of Charles M. Russell. For the past few years, however, Louis has found a deep appreciation for the atmosphere and composition found in Robert Batemanís work, and also the precision and detail executed in the paintings of Carl Brenders and Daniel Smith. This appreciation has led Louis to his love of wildlife art, and makes his strive to bring even more atmosphere and finer detail to each of his paintings. Louis has also received much encouragement through the guidance and instruction of American realist artist Dave Ewart, who has taught both Terry Isaac, and Rod Frederick. Through his art, Louis strives to share the love and thankfulness he has for the gift of wildlife. His brushstrokes are sensitive, his paintings convincing. He is beginning to carve his niche in this wonderful world of nature art.


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